Premium Family Package

Products are certified by HACCP & ISO 22000 under their food and safety regulations.

Recognised worldwide as HALAL products, and acceptable by those with specific dietary requirements.


RM80.00 RM137.38

You Save RM57.38


Package included :

Product Name Weight Unit Normal Price
ALMENTO – Melting Almond 96g 1 RM5.99
BELLCO – Belgium Choc Cookies 120g 1 RM6.99
MAS Bear Danish Cookies 300g 1 RM18.99
Zoofino Original 80g 1 RM4.99
Zoofino Choco 80g 1 RM4.99
Zoofino Cheese 80g 1 RM4.99
Melting Almond 110g 1 RM7.99
MAS C’realz Cookies 110g 1 RM7.99
Chessman Cookies 110g 1 RM7.99
Blueberry Tart 108g 1 RM5.99
Cranberry Pineapple Tart 108g 1 RM5.99
Durian Mas Cookies 108g 1 RM5.99
KLASSIZ – MARIE 160g 1 RM3.99
KLASSIZ – Choco MARIE 160g 1 RM3.99
Choco Filling Cookies 100g 1 RM4.99
Golden Cheese Tart 100g 1 RM4.99
Peanut Crunchy Bar 100g 1 RM4.99
Choco Peanut Bar 100g 1 RM4.99
Digestives Wholemeal Biscuit 250g 1 RM4.99
Digestives Choco Biscuit 250g 1 RM4.99
Digestives Raisin Biscuit 250g 1 RM4.99
Crispi Choco Wafer 180g 1 RM5.59
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